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Tutor Guidelines and Procedures


WELCOME ABOARD! It will be a rewarding, but at times, a trying experience. Patience and dedication will produce incredible benefits not only to your student but to yourself! So please enjoy and treasure the moment. Do not be concerned if you are nervous and unsure of yourself during the first few meetings with your student. This is quite normal and is to be expected. Your student is just happy to have someone spend time with him/her. Remember, our staff and volunteers are ready to help you at all times – so please do not hesitate to ask us for anything!


No tutoring is permitted in private homes. Tutoring is only allowed in public places such as the library, church, restaurant, or business site.

You may not charge the student any fees for any reason or ask him/her to do any labor in exchange for tutoring services for any reason.

Confidentiality is critical -if the student does not want his/her name mentioned in any newsletters, articles, or advertisement related to our organization please let us know!

Length of tutoring and seasonal tutors

You are expected to tutor a student two to three hours a week with a one year commitment. If you plan to take off more than four consecutive weeks for vacation or personal reasons call the office to let us know. We love our seasonal tutors!

Obtaining a Student

The Literacy Services office will call you with the name of a prospective student. At this time, we will provide you some background on your student. Occasionally we may ask you if you are interested in tutoring two or three people at once (family members sometimes like to be tutored together). Please do NOT hesitate to let us know that you prefer to tutor only one student at a time. After being informed about your student, you will then make two phone calls. The first call is to contact the student directly and coordinate a mutually agreeable time and place of when you will be meeting with the student. The second call is to the office to let us know you hooked up with your student. At that time, the office will arrange for you to receive the tutoring materials for you and your student (you will be giving the student’s materials to your student).

If the location is in the Vero library, you will need to call the reference dept. at 770-5060 extension 109 to reserve a room or go in person (second floor behind the reference, on the left).

You can reserve a room for up to four weeks in advance. Please call to cancel the room as soon as possible when you learn of a date cancellation. Generally, you do not need to reserve a room at the Sebastian library.

Initial Call With Your Student

Please call your student after being informed who is your assigned student and provide your student with your preferred contact number and set up an initial meeting time and place.

We suggest right outside our Vero office for those meeting in the Vero library. If you leave a message, please wait three calendar days. If no response is had by then we request that you call the student one more time (the student may have gone out of town). Again, wait three days. If no response is had by then we request that you call the office. The office will investigate and may assign you another student.

First Meeting

The first meeting between the student and tutor is usually a friendly orientation meeting. Let the student know you are a volunteer and that you will not wait more than ten minutes for the student to show up to class. Let them know the 3 strike rule – if they fail to show and they do not call you well in advance then they will be dropped from the program. If the student’s preferred meeting date and time changes and the new change is not acceptable to you please call us so that we may switch you with a different student. If a student fails to show three times then we consider the tutoring relationship terminated – but you must call the office to let us know the relationship has ended.

Monthly Reports Required to Be Submitted by Tutors

By the 12th of each month, PLEASE provide us a Monthly Progress Report for the previous month. If the monthly reports are not turned in we may not receive sufficient funding to pay for your tutoring materials and your student’s tutoring materials. You may email the monthly report to us (reports@literacysevicesirc.org) or drop it off at our office. We especially need to know: (1) the number of hours you tutored your student; (2) if the student met any goals listed in the back of the form; and (3) if you are done tutoring your student and whether your student would like a replacement tutor. This is IMPERATIVE as our funding is directly related to the information noted in the monthly progress reports.

Tutoring of Student ends

Please call us immediately if you end your relationship with your student for any reason. If your student wants a replacement tutor please specify on your last monthly progress report what materials you were using in your last tutoring session.


Please keep us up-to-date with any email, address, or telephone changes you may have.
We will provide various in-service tutor gatherings that includes free meals throughout the year as a way for tutors to get to know each other, discuss their experiences, and learn about other helpful tutoring tips.

A significant portion of our funding comes from individual private donations. Please feel free to encourage your friends to support us by becoming a member of Friends for Literacy with a $25 annual donation to Literacy Services.