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Current Tutors

Click Here to Chill Out With Scott Treatman - Mindfulness Exercise

Watch to see what our students had to say about their amazing tutors!

LSIRC tutors are welcome and encouraged to attend our In-Service Workshops. They are an informal, informative meeting where helpful tips are provided and shared. Refreshments are provided.

We send out weekly emails with tips and suggestions to work with your students! Let us know if you would like to receive it. Email: Contact LSIRC Here

Training Videos

Watch these instructional videos for tips on meeting with your student.

The first video details meeting with an ESL student for the first time.

The second video details reviewing and setting goals with a more advanced student.

All of our students do have goals and we want to empower you, their tutor, to help them achieve those dreams!

Thank you to Diane Jacobs for producing these useful tools! Our own tutors, Deborah and Linda, are featured with their students, Virginia and Guillermina!

Reviewing Your Student Goals & Monthly Reports

Our organization is unique. We do not tell our students what they need to learn, how they need to learn it, when they need to learn or how quickly they must learn. Instead, we listen to our students to ascertain their goals. They tell us what they want or need to learn (either verbally or how they work on a lesson). The lesson plans and materials are then based on this information. We go as fast as we can but as slow as we must.

To help you understand what your student needs we have created tutor forms to review with your student every three months that describes goals the student would like to achieve in the next three to six months.

This form will help you learn what your student hopes to achieve. Please understand that it may take several months for your student to even begin to communicate what they hope to accomplish. In addition, their goals may change once their literacy skills begin to improve. We request you review this form with your student every three months. It helps provide direction for you, helps your student realize that they have made progress, and lets you know what goals your student has achieved so that you can document them in our Monthly Progress Reports.