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Prospective Volunteers

For 90 minutes twice a week you can make a difference in a student’s life by becoming a volunteer tutor. Tutoring is held in a public facility and free training is provided. One does not need a teaching background or to be a full-time resident to volunteer.

Tutoring a student can reap astonishing rewards. Any uncertainty you feel will quickly dissipate when you hear a student’s story or see their excitement when he or she receives a promotion at work because of improved reading and communication skills. There is no charge to the student for one-on-one tutoring services and all books are provided at no charge to the student and the tutor. Likewise, there is no fee to attend a prospective tutor-training workshop.

Two types of LSIRC students exist:

  1. The "literacy" student who was born in the U.S. but has difficulty reading.
  2. The ESL student – born outside the United States, moved to the U.S. and wants to learn English. The student may or may not be able to read in his/her native language. The majority of these students are able to communicate in English on a limited basis. Some simply want to improve their conversational English skills.

You need not be a teacher or be able to speak another language to serve our students. We provide all the necessary materials so that you can confidently assist your student.

Please visit:
Tutor FAQ | Tutor Guidelines & Procedures

Hear from one of our tutors about the difference you can make in someone's life and how it will change yours!

Sign up to volunteer today! We have a virtual option to get started that can be done on your schedule at home!